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Vectorworks Landmark Training Course join this course if you want to learn landmark courses then join us

Vectorworks Landmark Training Course


Why choose Vectorworks Landmark Training Course?

Explore the Vectorworks Landmark Training Course! 1-on-1 Live Online sessions led by certified tutors and industry experts. Master Vectorworks Landmark for landscape and site design, creating captivating outdoor spaces. Enroll now to unleash your design skills.

Duration: 16 hrs.

Method: 1-on-1, Personalized attention.

Schedule: Tailor your own schedule by pre-booking a convenient hour of your choice, available from Mon to Sat between 9 am and 7 pm.

This course focuses on Vectorworks Landmark fundamentals, providing essential tools and techniques for landscape architecture, design, and related disciplines. Participants should have a basic understanding of Vectorworks software. The course covers 2D and 3D drawing, file organization, landscape plan/model creation, and more.

Learning Objectives:

  • Organize drawing files using industry standards and best practices for effective collaboration.
  • Utilize imported files and field-collected data for base plans and site inventories.
  • Integrate 2D and 3D elements for plan documentation and model analysis.
  • Utilize worksheet features for material quantification and project efficiency.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants should be familiar with basic drafting concepts, computer operations, and keyboard shortcuts.

This training demonstrates sustainable design principles and the use of CAD tools for erosion control, runoff calculations, plant tracking, and sun/shade analysis. Participants will learn to create a 3D site digital terrain model and assess proposed plantings' effects on solar heat gain and water usage.

Course Prerequisites:

Participants should understand drafting concepts, computer operations, and keyboard shortcuts.

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