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Top Adobe After Effects Basic to Advanced Training Course in London.

Adobe After Effects Basic to Advanced Training Course


Why Learn Adobe After Effects Basic to Advanced Training Course?

This course offers basic to advanced training in After Effects, focusing on best techniques for motion graphics and visual effects for films and TV. After Effects is the leading software for motion graphics and VFX, widely used in video and screen-based media, to achieve stunning visual outcomes.

Duration: 40 hrs
Method: 1-on-1 

Schedule: Tailor your own schedule by pre-booking. Available from Mon to Sat 9 am and 7 pm.

The introductory training covers fundamental tools and features, including animation techniques, layer control, effects, track mattes, and masks. To gain insight into the effects you'll learn to create, you can explore examples on our blogs.

This course caters to newcomers and individuals with limited experience in After Effects.

Accreditation: Our courses are led by Adobe Certified Instructors who are experts in the field. For more details, refer to the section on Expert Trainers.

In-Class 1-on-1 or Online Options: You can choose to attend this course either in-person at one of our six centers or virtually through live online sessions.

Learning Approach: Our After Effects training is highly interactive and hands-on. Trainers begin with the necessary theoretical concepts and then demonstrate techniques step-by-step. Following this, you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques on a computer equipped with After Effects. During the session, you are encouraged to ask questions to enhance your understanding.

Compatibility: After Effects functions nearly identically on both Windows and Mac platforms. At our centers, we offer both Windows and Mac computers, allowing you to carry out exercises on the platform you are most comfortable with.

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