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Image created by our students Tom after completing Autodesk AutoCAD 3ds Max Training Course

Autodesk AutoCAD | 3ds Max Training Course


Why Learn Autodesk AutoCAD | 3ds Max Training Course?
3ds Max serves as a powerful tool in architectural modeling, product design, games and films. Engaging with 3ds Max tutorials proves invaluable, particularly for game designers, as it can significantly enhance their professional growth and career prospects.

Duration: 16 hrs

Method: 1-on-1, Personalized attention.

Schedule: Tailor your own schedule by pre-booking a convenient hour of your choice, available from Mon to Sat between 9 am and 7 pm.

AutoCAD and 3ds Max Training Course:

  • Tailored Learning Experience: Benefit from personalized, one-on-one training tailored to your individual needs and learning pace.
  • Flexibility in Learning: Choose between attending in-person sessions or participating in live online classes, granting you the flexibility to learn from anywhere at your convenience.
  • Accessible Lesson Recordings: Access recorded lessons to revisit concepts, practice techniques, and reinforce your understanding whenever you need.
  • Ongoing Email Support: Receive continuous assistance and expert guidance through lifetime email support, ensuring you never feel left behind in your learning journey.
  • Learn from Certified Tutors and Industry Experts: Be educated by experienced professionals proficient in both Autodesk AutoCAD and 3ds Max, providing valuable insights into industry best practices.
  • Complimentary Career Advice: Take advantage of our career advisory services to receive valuable guidance in navigating your professional path and making informed decisions.

Download Autodesk Autocad and 3ds max

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