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Photoshop Basics to Advanced Training Course final image design by our student Aminah.

Photoshop Basics to Advanced Training Course


Why Learn Photoshop Basics to Advanced Training Course?

In this course, you'll gain basic to advanced Photoshop skills, to edit photos and images, and advanced tasks like creating product designs and photorealistic illustrations. The course is customizable to your requirements, and you'll engage in design projects to enhance your portfolio.
Duration: 20 hrs.

Method: 1-on-1

Schedule: Tailor your own schedule by pre-booking a convenient hour of your choice, available from Mon to Sat 9 am and 7 pm.

Adobe Photoshop Training in London - In-Person & Live Online

As the most renowned image editing software, Photoshop provides complete control over your images. With a wide range of editing tools, users can enhance, retouch, and manipulate colors to create stunning visuals. Beyond static images, Photoshop is also capable of editing videos, graphic design, and 3D images.

Choose our Photoshop course for a solid foundation in creative visuals, covering image adjustment, composition, and common fixes. For a deeper understanding, our Advanced course core introduction teaches advanced techniques like color fills, text and layer styling, and web-ready artwork creation. Explore our masterclass options for further training and insights at an advanced level. All beginner courses are available in class or online 1-on-1.

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