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3ds Max and Unreal Engine Basic to Advanced Training Course (Live Online Only) 



Duration: 40 hrs.

Method: 1-2-1, Personalized attention, Tailored content, Flexible pace, Individual support.

Join our comprehensive 3ds Max and Unreal Engine Training Course and unlock the full potential of 3D modeling and real-time interactive experiences. Whether you're a beginner or aiming to enhance your skills, our course covers everything you need to create stunning 3D models and immersive environments. Benefit from certified tutors, hands-on training, and flexible learning options. Enroll now and start building impressive virtual worlds today!

Online Registration Enquiry

Fill in the form below to inquire about the course registration.

We will reply you within 24-48 hours.

Duration: 40 hrs.

Personalized 1-2-1 training, Flexible scheduling, Expert support.

Craft your own timetable with flexible 1-2-1 sessions. Book your preferred hour, available Monday to Saturday, 9 am - 7 pm.

Unlock the potential of 3ds Max & Unreal Engine through our comprehensive course. Suitable for beginners and skill-enhancers, the training covers 3D modeling and immersive environments creation.

Why us:

  • Learn fundamentals & advanced techniques of 3ds Max & Unreal Engine.

  • Master realistic 3D model, texture, and lighting creation.

  • Dive into game development & architectural visualization.

  • Grasp seamless 3ds Max & Unreal Engine workflow.

  • Hands-on 1-2-1 training with experts.

  • Choose in-person or live online sessions.

  • Access recorded lessons, email support.

  • Gain a valuable completion certificate.

  • Get career advice.

  • Join for creativity in 3D modeling and interactive experiences.

Enroll now for a journey of innovation.

Master 3D Modeling, Animation, and Rendering with our 3ds Max and Unreal Engine Course.

Real Animation, a top Unreal Engine Training Center in the UK, offers Epic Games-approved short courses.

Unreal Engine's versatility serves architecture, film, TV, and game design.

Join 1-2-1/small group sessions for Unreal Engine skills. Learn character rigging, animation, AI interaction, special effects, plugin integration, game creation.

Ideal For:

  • Unreal Engine & 3D animation beginners.

  • Architects, Designers, Game creators.

  • Users transitioning from Unity 3D, CRYENGINE.

Learning Method:

Practical, hands-on Unreal Engine training. Step-by-step demos and guided practice. Benefits:

  • Certificate of Attendance.

  • 3ds Max training guide PDF.

  • Live feedback and recording.

  • Flexible training: face-to-face or live online.

  • Convenient scheduling: Mon-Sun, 9 am - 8 pm.

  • Lifetime email/phone support.

  • Assistance with software setup.

  • Recommend friends for discounts.

3ds Max: Free Trial Unreal Engine: Free Download

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